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First of all, a lot of driving time on the racetrack! At most events you can expect more than two and a half hours of driving time broken up into several sessions throughout the day. The day begins with a mandatory drivers meeting before driving sessions start. We cover specific track rules and update everyone on track conditions. We then break into three preassigned run groups according to driver level. To ensure there is not too much traffic, each run group contains a limited number of drivers. For this reason our events do sell out. 


​At most of our events we have independent professional trackside photography. If you want incredible images of you driving your car on the racetrack look no further. Kirk Myhre of MC Motorsports Design is Turn2's exclusive photographer at the Ridge Motorsports Park. Check out Kirk's website to view his work at



Safety is our number one priority! The most important safety equipment in a car is the driver. We have found the driver's attitude and approach makes all the difference, which is why we focus on developing our drivers. Our events emphasize creating a safe environment while balancing the driver's individual ability to test their skills. Our rules ensure both safety and comfort for your day at the track.  


Many drivers love to tinker with their own cars, which is great! It is important your car is ready to drive on the racetrack. We require you to fill out a tech form before each event that confirms you have inspected specific areas of your vehicle to ensure it is safe to run on the racetrack. We also strongly recommend an annual third party comprehensive tech inspection to periodically put a professional's eyes on your car and assess your car's track readiness.  

Driving Instruction/ Coaching

If you are brand new to high performance driving on a road course, you will need an instructor to work independently with you. Your instructor will teach you how to drive the racetrack safely and effectively. They will also introduce high performance driving techniques and prepare you for solo driving.If you are a more experienced driver who is looking to further develop your skills, we also offer individualized coaching from one of our driving coaches. All of our coaches have extensive open-lapping and racing experience. There is an additional cost for instruction and coaching. All instruction and coaching is individualized to meet your specific skills and needs. Please contact Matt Geddes with questions and to make instruction/coaching arrangements: (360) 359-0968.


Turn2 Lapping uses for our registration process.  If you don't already have an account set up, this will only take just a couple of minutes and will only need to be done once. Payment can be made by Venmo @tom-pritchett-4 or check to Turn2 Lapping Inc.


The event day schedule varies depending on the event type. To see the types of events and their schedules, visit the Types of Events page here: 

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