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What are the safety requirements to drive my car on the track?


  1. You must self-tech your car to be allowed on the track.

  2.  Car must not be leaking any kind of fluids.

  3.  Battery must be bolted down. No bungee cords!

  4.  Tires must be of the same manufacturer and tread pattern with more than 2/32 to start the day. Race tires must not have any cords showing.

  5.  Three point seat belts are fine. Race harnesses are good too if in good condition. The driver must be able to offer the same belts as they are wearing to a passenger.

​What will happen to my car?


There are wear parts that will see some wear; namely tires and brakes. Ensure you have enough tread and brake pad to make it through the event. Fresh high temperature (DOT4) brake fluid is recommended. We are content to see you drive your car at a limit you feel comfortable, as long as you do so in a safe manner by maintaining car control and following track rules.


Are these events marque specific?


No, we love all cars. At our events we have Mustangs, Lambos, Ferraris, Porsches, Hondas, VWs, Corvettes, and Race Cars of all types. It is kind of a great car show!

Do I bring my own car or do I drive yours?


You get to drive your own car!  We will accept any car that will pass tech inspection and is not an SUV, pickup or open wheel car. There is also the potential to rent a car from Turn2 for the day. See the “Car Rental Program” tab for more details.

Can I possibly crash my car? 


It is very unlikely, but possible as this is a high performance driving event. We have very few incidents at our events, and we do everything we can ensure safety. But ultimately it is up to you as the driver to ensure your car remains incident free. Because we take safety very seriously, if you do put two or more wheels off of the track surface you will be required to come in for a short inspection and check in. If you are not maintaining control of your car and driving in an unsafe manner, you will likely be asked to end your day early.

What is a spin rule? 


We have a two spin rule. Anyone can spin a car once when testing limits. If a car spins a second time, the driver is considered unsafe and will likely be removed from the track event.

What are the passing rules? 


The advanced run group can pass anywhere/anytime with a point to pass. The intermediate and low intermediate group will point to pass on the left in designated passing areas only.


Is there gas at the track?


There are no fuel pumps at The Ridge. However, there are several fuel options in town that are just a couple miles away.

Can two people share a car?


Yes. Please sign up in two different run groups and keep an eye on the wear parts.

Can I bring a passenger?


Yes, we love having our drivers show friends and family what we love to do. We request that you drive 7/10, staying well within your driver limits. Passengers must be at least 14 years old, wear a snell certified helmet, and have the same seatbelt system as the driver seat.

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